Getting Dumped By Softball

Recently got out of a six month relationship.
We hit it off in the spring time,
And had a few dates.
Some were winners and some weren’t.
We went to first base a bunch,
And even scored a few times.

Now it’s over.
She ran off with some banker type.
All that’s left now is a sense of longing
And thoughts of what could’ve been.
Could we have tried harder?
Were we not ready to go the distance?

We had a good run,
But struck out in the end.

Mel’s Fate Lies In Facing A Formidable Foe On A Familiar Field

Mel’s Fate Lies In Facing A Formidable Foe On A Familiar Field
by Associated Press

The last time the Burger Bashers stepped onto the Great Lawn for postseason match-up, the setting was a familiar one. They had stood on the same grassy spot in Central Park in 2012 while facing a playoff predicament, and both times the team had slinked back to Mel’s Burger Bar with much of the same lingering feelings - those of a season cut short by misfortune and missed opportunity. Today they will step out onto a similar spot both in geography and in perception. They take the field for their second consecutive visit to the quarterfinals of the City Stars Softball League Playoffs. And this time against a much-heralded foe. The first-team from DeutscheBank has long been a regular season powerhouse, but with little silverware to show for it. They will look to these playoffs with a perennial resolve as great as any team in the league.

The Mel’s machine came into the postseason with a veil of confidence after winning their last five regular season games, but showed signs of anxiousness in their second round win over the Smokin’ Aces. The anxiousness was quelled by timely hitting by Jeff Dworin, Steve Cukalevski and Dylan Marshall, and solid defense by Liz Caggiano and Brad King. The Burger Bashers now hope to be firing on all cylinders and forgetting any lingering disappointments from past seasons. The Mel’s manager voiced his appraisal of his team early Friday, “We are all focused on the task at hand. The team needs to focus on the little things: communication, base hits, and defense. The fundamentals that have carried us through the summer and awarded us this opportunity. Nothing is given away in this game and no one is taking anything for granted. We will take what win. And do it one game at a time.” A motto being stressed throughout the organization. When asked about the sluggishness of the bats in the Second Round, he added, “We have 100% confidence in our offensive abilities as a team. The great thing about our team is that everyone plays a role. And each walk, single, or extra base hit continually contributes to the outcome of every contest.”

It wasn’t all good news, as also announced was a blow to the team’s roster. Starting center-fielder, Chris Vola, was placed on the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) List, after a medical leave of absence. A spokesperson for the team released a statement regarding the move: “We all know Vola has been a big part of this team and has devoted himself year after year. It is a substantial hole but we stand behind him as Bashers, and will continue to dig deep to reach our goals. Chris will continue bust his ass for this team and contribute in any way possible.” The Burger Bashers also unveiled a commemorative logo in recognition of Vola’s recovery. 

The Mel’s team takes to the Great Lawn at 6pm to determine their fortune.

A Win Is A Playoff Win

The Burger Bashers showed up with a look of determination and of resolve. They patiently began taking their warm up throws as the sun placed itself over the Hudson River. But as the Mel’s maniacs took their batting practice, news came down from the league that the opponent, I’d Hit That - not Smokin’ Aces as previously announced - would be forfeiting due to lack of females. A cautionary tale to the team and its females contingent; a lesson on how significant a role they play in not only contribution but necessity.

That means that Mel’s moves on to the Second Round of the playoffs for the 3rd year in a row. With the challenge of the Smoking Aces awaiting today!

Not With A Fizzle But With A Bang

As another regular season had drawn to a close, the team lingered around reflective on the evening had just transpired. It had been a banner Basher day for the Mel’s Militia. It all stared with a guest appearance.


Playing in his first game, honorary Burger Basher Simon, warmed up on the sidelines in his navy Mel’s team shirt. Like so many boys and girls around the country Simon has grown up loving baseball, in particular the New York Yankees. As he grew up he learned to harness his athletic prowess into playing catch and swinging the bat like Derek Jeter. Born deaf and suffering from autism never limited Simon’s ability to practice the sport so many have played for over 100 years. He has practiced his throw nearly every day since his childhood, and truly embraces his love of the game watching countless ballgames on television each day. His athleticism has flourished as his body has developed, and his competitiveness and team-spirit could be seen when standing in his presence by his teammates. He fearlessly stepped to the plate and set his feet, knees, and elbows as he had done countless times before. On other times it had been in park, but this time he was taking his first at-bat for the Mel’s Burger Bashers in their regular season finale (Congratulations Simon!)…


That sparked a peppering of the field at Riverside Park with an onslaught of Basher hits up and down the line-up. The Bashers never stepped on the brakes and had 14 extra base hits and a 10-run fourth inning. All culminating in a mercy win for the Mel’s squad in 5 innings, and the game ball being awarded to Simon for his exuberant participation and debut.

W Mels 21 - Alston 3

The Mel’s team now gazes upon the ever-familiar sight of softball playoffs; an exorcism of past failures and a renewed conviction of what can be achieved… one game at a time.