Gotta Win To Get In…

It was a big weekend for the Burger Bashers as they looked to clinch a playoff berth for the 3rd consecutive year. Playing a makeup game for earlier in the year, the Melsians gathered on a Friday afternoon full of victorious hope but short of enough players. Fortunately Mels was playing an opponent it had bashed thorough 20-to-nothing in 2013.

But softball can be a humbling game, and a year is a long time. The Mels Squad battled to a lead and fought though a tough Brews On First team. They had gotten out to a 6-run lead by the 5th inning and were looking to finish the game strong, when a the team that had shown no life in 2013 decided to show their grit. There counterpunched with a 5-run inning and the Brew Crew lead shrunk to only one. Playing in what seemed like their thousandth away game, the Mels squad took the infield with their ticket to the postseason a mere 3 outs away. But the other Brew crew would snatch it from them and win via walk-off, sending the Burger Bashers home with nothing but a 5-3 record.

L Burger Bashers 6 Brews On First 7

The weekend, however would serve as time for reflection, as the Bashers would have a chance to avoid a dreaded must-win scenario and play again Monday evening. Perhaps invigorated by the loss, the Mels menaces (again the away team) would take their cuts first, against the team from AMC - hoping that it would not be as dramatic as Mad Men and their pervious game.

The mad Burger Bashers would - in fact - do their own Breaking Bad, and erupted for 13 runs while batting around the lineup twice in the first two innings. They would not stop their as hit after hit, the Bashers held up to their namesake and turned the bases into their own carousel. The entire team fueled the victory which mercifully ended 16-1, as the Mels Men (and women) attempted to build some momentum into the clinched playoff seat.

Adding to the victory were newcomers Jeff Dworin and Fernando. The offense looked renewed and dependable straight down the order, particularly the doubles combo or Brad King and Dave Cornwallace. On the female front, Jackie Fields provided a much desired sight at first base and Sagan Beder looked all-too-smooth in the outfield. And tremendous thanks to our superfan, Kristin Stoupe for stopping by to support the team!

W Burger Bashers 16 - AMC 1

With their ticket punched the 3rd year playoff entrants sequestered themselves to the confines of Mel’s, where one of the newest Brew Crew members Alex McCarthy could finally sip on a victory beer knowing her team would be playing September softball.

The Bashers get one more tune up in August (look for announcements) before they lace up their playoff dancing shoes. How will they show up to the dance is the question?

Blessed Be The Pizza-full, For They Shall Be Merciful

As the Bashers have learned over the years, it’s not enough to simply show up for a game. The twist and turns of the City Stars Softball League are much more surprising than your average trip to the deli. But just like any deli, if you don’t save your spot in line, you’re the one ending up hungry.

The Bashers are not a nice group when they are ‘hangry’.

After a(nother) mix up with the schedule by the League, the Bashers were set to paint the town under the skyline of New York, with Central Park as the easel. Coming off a big BBQ’d-powered win, team-rookie, Sean Marchesault took it upon himself to provide sustenance for the Mel’s Burger ballers in the form of Familia pizza. Fueled by pepperoni, the Bashers quickly jumped out to a lead behind returning veteran, Dylan Murphy.

By the 3rd inning the Crew had jumped out to a 6 - 0 lead and showed promise. Defensively, the Mel’s Monsters muffled any attempts by the Vh1 squad tried to put together. Solid plays by roomies Mack-tastic and Cook (formerly Alix Awesome) stifled the music-channel moguls’ chance to find a rhythm or rhyme. But their music truly died when Dylan Marshall stepped to the plate, who led the Bashers in RBIs and HRs - unleashing two bombs to right field. When the beat stopped the Mel’s mammoths had munched down their first mercy meal of the season… And it wasn’t the pizza.

Congrats to the whole team for a complete win. Record now stands at 5-2. Special thanks to WallE and Lil’E for dropping by. And to Laura, for attempting to make her season debut (it lurks on the horizon). Extra large thanks to Sean for providing the pizza nourishment.

Until next time…

Game 6: Winner Winner BBQ Dinner

The Burger Bashers arrived at Central Park with a determined look of focus, and a willful desire to right the Mel’s ship on a winning course. After back to back losses, the team needed to win to avoid falling back to .500 on the year. The team jumped out to an early lead, but Federal Bank tied it back at 2-2 until the 3rd inning.

The team’s willpower was tested by BBQ. An event ending in Central Park had lead to an influx of tray after tray of barbecued hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, beans, and Joe’s favorite - corn! After scarfing down on the deliciousness, the Bashers took their full bellies and put up five runs in the 3rd, and never surrendered the lead again. 

They finished off Federal Bank 13-8, and moved to 4-2 on the season. Afterwards, the team continued to munch down on food before retiring to the friendly confines of Mel’s for some light drinking.

Back-to-Back Losses*

For the first time since the Bashers inaugural year, the Bashers are on a skid. After their first regular season loss* (and walk-off loss, no less) since 2012 - a game riddled with obscurity given the fact that there was no umpire until the 6th inning - the Basher looked to rebound hard against a tough and prepared Diamond Dogs team. The two 3-1 teams met deep in abyss of the Lower East Side on a random Monday.

The trek out to the boonies was noteworthy since at start time the Bashers were in jeopardy of only fielding five players. Although the crew came up with a full team by the the game got started, the rust from the journey downtown was apparent. After a routine start to the game, Mels looked unready for the bark - and ultimately, bite - of the Dogs. The opposition began with a lead-off home run to left. And promptly continued to tack on 5 runs on the strength of another 3-run homer to center. The first time in a long time the the outfield was burned twice over their heads.

Although the team showed some grit, the Bashers couldn’t string together more than 2 hits in a row and ended up with little to show in the game’s scoresheet. The defense did its best led by shortstop Joe Vignona, and slick fielding Alix Cook, but it was not to be as timely hitting by the Dogs left the game at 11-4. 

Kudos however to first time Basher, Izzy for her tactical hitting prowess. And a shoutout to everyone for fighting though the many streets to get there, not to mention the Fourth hangovers.

Game 2: Just Like We Brew It Up

W. Brews on First 5 - Burger Bashers 11

Coming off a hard fought, rough cut win, the Burger Bashers continued to show their preseason struggles were more superficial then substantial. Still playing without the Bash Brothers and Dylan Murphy (recent member of the NBA D-Leauge Champion’s staff - ask him about it!), the team plugged the holes with help of some key additions: Brew Master, Paul Freitas played his first game for the squad and Kerry Cook showed off why the league should fear our Cook-outs!

The opponent looks fearsome in batting practice, clobbering balls left and right. Enter last year’s team MVP, ace Brad King. He silenced the boastful bats with his mastery of the arc pitch. With a stellar defense behind him, included guest reserve player, Tommy Lavender.

Offensively, the team erupted in multiple innings led by their first-time three-hole-hitter, Steve Cukalevski - The Cuki Monster. Additionally by rookie Kerry and the surprise hitting machine, Lucas Jimenez.

The team’s dynamic outburst resulted in 11 runs, which was enough to keep the pesky Brews of First feeling secondary. The web gem of the game waited til the last out, when center fielder, Chris Vola, tracked the ball through the treacherous gray sky and made a highlight reel catch while falling to the turf - a feat unseen in Basher history. When the score-sheet was completed by the great Dave Cornwallance - also making his long awaited return for the DL - the Mel’s softball team moved to 2-0 in the win column.

Afterwards the brews came out first at Mels with the bar tending team stylings of Dan MeKenna and Steven Simon. As important a play of the day as any in the game.

Great win, Bashers! Thirsty for more?

Burger Bashers Opening Win

W. Deutsch Bank 11 - Burger Bashers 13

The Burger Bashers opened their 2014 campaign with some flare, as the came back against versus a long time rival, Deutsch Bank 1. It was a back-and-forth affair with plenty of drama. Playing with out the team’s top two hitters and last year’s MVP pitcher, the Mel’s team played a chip on their shoulder after a disappointing end to last season.

The Bashers got out to a quick lead and then defended the hot-hitting finance fools behind the prodigious pitching of Tomas Jimenez. The Douches of Deutsch Bank came into the game with the misguided game plan of targeting our female teammates, and in particular Alix the Awesome at third base. Try as they may, their game plan was foiled including a great play from second base in the form of Brittany Inman

The offensive output was jointly handled in team fashion by Nice Guy JoeTomas, and rookie female Alex McCarthy with 3, 2, and 2 RBIs each respectively. After some up-and-down, the Mel’s Mashers were up two runs when the home team scored 2 in the bottom of the 7th inning with 2 outs. The Mel’s team was heading to extra innings, but it did not phase them at all. They stepped up and tacked on 2 runs in the 8th inning, and thwarted any further attack… sealing up win number 1 and making a statement in their return to the softball diamond - merely setting the stage for the long arduous summer ahead.

Afterward the team reveled the away win, with a homecoming at Mel’s Burger. And some post game outdoor festivities courtesy of center fielder, Chris Vola! Good times, and many thanks.

Kudos to Sean Marchessault for his first Basher rookie appearance. And Alex McCarthy and Scwhed for their first official Mel’s softball entrances. As well as Lucas Jimenez for stepping up big-time in a clutch opening moment.

Lastly, join the team in wishing Becca Weaver and Mary Beth Freeman, a big burger basher congratulations for being our newest married couple!

…and here we go, team!